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Independent RICS Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire



Building Survey Nottingham is owned by Steve Butler an indepedent RICS Chartered Surveyor. Steve has lived studied, at Nottingham Trent, and practiced in Nottingham for thirty years.  


If you are you buying a property in Nottingham then you should seriously consider having the property surveyed.


Building Survey Nottingham specialise in surveying and valuing for residential property in Nottingham, offering a rapid turnaround with efficient and competitive service.


A report by Building Survey Nottingham will tell you about the condition of the property including the state of the roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, windows and doors. We can tell you whether there is any structural movement or settlement, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm or rising damp. We give you an overview of the services such as the electrical installations, boiler, central heating, hot and cold water.


A report from Building Survey Nottingham can help avoid unplanned expenditure within the first year or so of buying a property due to the fact that no survey was commissioned prior to purchase. Budgets are usually tight in the first few years of buying a property and these additional expenses are not often budgeted for.




Building Surveys:


The Building Survey provides a more detailed picture of a property’s construction and can be carried out on practically all residential properties.


The report is bespoke and tailored to your requests.


It is most suitable when the building is less conventional. This could be because it is very old, it has been built using unusual construction methods, or it is dilapidated. Similarly, it can be very informative if a building has been extensively altered.


The Homebuyer Report:


Is a standard report produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to highlight significant and urgent matters.


It is designed to flag up major defects and problems that need urgent or significant attention, because such issues will affect the property’s value.


It is the cost effective choice for the majority of property purchasers.


A valuation of the property and estimation of reinstatement cost for insurance purposes is included as standard in both our Building Survey  and Homebuyers Survey reports.


Due to the time taken to measure the property Building Surveys cost considerably more than the Homebuyers Report, however you should bear in mind that they are unlikely to find any serious defects to the property that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will not.


It is considered that the Homebuyers Survey and Report will be suitable for most clients.


All Building Survey and Homebuyers Reports are undertaken by Steve Butler personally ensuring that personalized service to all our clients.















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